Browning Buckmark Shield RMS Pattern Mount

Note: This page covers two different versions of this mount. The old version was sold as a Sig RomeoZero mount and has been discontinued. The replacement is the Shield RMS mount. For the purposes of installation instructions, the difference is the optic mounting screws. The Sig RomeoZero mount uses the factory M4 screws that came with your optic. The Shield RMS mount uses M3 screws that are included with your mount.

1. Make sure all parts are included. You should have:

a. An optics mount
b. 2x M3 flat head hex screws

2. Make sure the pistol is unloaded and safe.

3. Install your optic onto the mount using the M3 screws that were included with the mount. Do not exceed 4.5 in-lbs! Inspect the bottom of the mount to make sure the screws don’t protrude below the bottom of the mount as shown (Docter pattern mount shown for illustration purposes):

4. Install the optics mount onto the pistol, using the original screws. Do not exceed 12 in-lbs!

5. Perform a function check and make sure the pistol is safe to fire.