Rossi 92 Aimpoint Micro Pattern Mount

  1. Make sure all parts are included. You should have the following:
    • 2x mounts, Part A and Part B
    • 4x 6-48 screws (flat head, torx drive screws)
    • 8x M3 allen head screws
  2. Make sure the rifle is unloaded and safe.
  3. Remove the rear sight from your rifle.
  4. Under the rear sight, there are 4 tapped holes in the barrel. Install the Part A half of the mount onto your rifle using the 4 torx head screws. Do not exceed 8 in-lbs! The barrel is tapered, and the mount has a matching tapered profile on the bottom. Make sure the mount is installed with the correct end forward.
  5. Use 4 of the M3 allen head screws to install your optic on to Part B. Do not exceed 5 in-lbs! Take note that Part B is not symmetric, and can only be installed onto Part A in one direction. Make sure to install your optic the right way around.
  6. Use the remaining 4 M3 allen head screws to install part B onto Part A. Do not exceed 5 in-lbs!
  7. Perform a function check to make sure the rifle is safe to fire.