Ruger Pistol Aimpoint Micro Pattern Mount

Note that this optics mount was designed around the T1/H1 generation of optics. Some other optics with the same footprint may or may not work with this mount, due to how close the mounting screws are to the ends of the optic. Compare your optic to the diagram below to make sure your optic will work with this mount.

1. Make sure all parts are included. You should have:

a. An Optics Mount
b. 2x 6-48 torx screws
c. 4x M3 allen screws

2. Make sure the pistol is unloaded and safe.

3. Drop the torx screws into place in their holes, then install your optic onto the mount using the allen screws. Do not exceed 5 in-lbs! Inspect the bottom of the mount to make sure the heads of the screws don’t protrude below the bottom of the mount.

4. Install the optics mount onto the top of the receiver on your pistol using the torx screws. Do not exceed 7 in-lbs!

5. Perform a function check to make sure the pistol is safe to fire.