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ATTENTION: Unless otherwise noted below, the screws required for the optics mounts available in this store will be included with the mount.

Unfortunately many firearms manufacturers use screws that aren’t very common. If you need spare screws, or have a firearm that doesn’t come with screws, buy spares here!

Option 1: 8-36 flat head screws. Some models of the Browning Buckmark come with a different top plate, and longer screws.  The optics mount available in this store is compatible with the standard length screws included with the standard iron sights top plate.  The front screw is 3/8″ long, and the rear screw is 1/2″ long.  If the screws that came with your pistol are longer than this, you’ll need these screws to install your optics mount.  One order will get you two screws, one of each length.

Option 2: 6-48 torx head screws.  The Ruger, Rossi, and SA-22 firearm optics mounts are designed around these screws.  If you buy a mount, it will come with the screws you need, but if you need spares, here they are.  One order will get you 2 torx flat head screws.

Option 3: 6-32 button head screws. These are for users who have a Vortex Venom optic.  The screws that come with your optic are too long, and will poke out the bottom of our mounts.  One order will get you 2 mounting screws.

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6-48, 8-36, Vortex Venom 6-32