Ruger Mk III/IV Optics Mount


Optics mount for the Ruger Mk. III/IV pistols.

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This mount allows you to mount a red dot optic to the top of your Ruger pistol.

Installation Instructions

Not sure which optics pattern to choose?  See Optics Compatibility for more information.


Compatibility notes:

  • Silencer Shop recently released a branded version of the Ruger Mk IV 22/45, commonly called the Ruger SSH.  This pistol has the mounting holes in non-standard locations.  Make sure you select the Silencer Shop edition version of the mount from the dropdown if you have one of these pistols.  The Silencer Shop version has 4 mounting holes in the top of the receiver. My mount uses two of these holes, spaced 2.758″ apart, leaving one hole exposed.  The standard Ruger pistols have 3 mounting holes, and my mount uses the two spaced furthest apart at 2.5″.  You might also want to check out the set screws available on the Assorted Screws page if you want to plug the exposed hole left by the original rail.
  • Ruger recently released a model number 43949 pistol with a unique vented rib top rail.  The standard version of my mounts (not the Silencer Shop version) are compatible with this model.
  • Vortex Venom users:  The mounting screws that come with your optic are too long, you’ll need some from our Assorted Screws page.
  • Primary Arms SLx RS-10 users:  The body of this optic is thicker than most other Docter pattern optics.  You’ll need some longer screws from our mounting screws page
  • The Aimpoint Micro mount is a tight fit.  Please check the Installation Instructions page before ordering.


Additional information

Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1.25 in
Optics Pattern

Aimpoint ACRO, Aimpoint Micro, Docter, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, RMR, Shield RMS (compatible with Holosun 407k/507k), Silencer Shop Edition – Aimpoint ACRO, Silencer Shop Edition – Aimpoint Micro, Silencer Shop Edition – Docter, Silencer Shop Edition – Leupold Deltapoint Pro, Silencer Shop Edition – RMR, Silencer Shop Edition – Shield RMS


6061 Aluminum, Hard Anodized.